The First Valentine

Rat-tat at the door! Rat-tat at the door!
Here are valentines one, two, three;
There is one for Harry, and one for Will,
And a big one for girlie, see!
Wildly she flies o’er the nursery floor,
Never was girlie so happy before,
As she shouts in her baby glee—
“Oh! I’ve got a valentine, all come, look!
As big as the sheet of a picture book!
Now, don’t you wish you all, like me,
Had a great big heart painted red, you see?”

All day long—now in, now out—
Now up, now down—she wanders about
Showing her treasure; ’tis fast getting torn,
But paper, we all know, is very soon worn.
“Who do you think can love me the most
To buy this, and send it alone by the post?
Do look again, you must like to see,
‘Tis a great big heart, and it ‘longs to me,
And please to read me the written line
That says, ‘God bless your sweet valentine!’”

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