In the Swing

“Up little Gracie! Swing up high,
As if you’re going to touch the sky;
Only, take care, my darling pet—
Hold the two ropes, and don’t forget.

“Up again, Gracie! There—that’s right,
Laughing away, but holding tight;
While little Dottie waits below,
And Harry sends you to and fro.

“Stop, Harry, now! ’tis time for Grace
To yield to little Dot her place.
Be gentle, dear, for Dot’s so small—
If you’re not careful, she may fall.”

The children change; for all the three
Are fair in play, and well agree;
And now the youngest laughing pet
Begs for “a little higher!” yet.

Playing at Horses

The copies and the lessons
Are finished for to-day,
And out the happy children
At “horses” come to play.

Conny, and Frank, and Archie,
With doggie “Trim,” are there;
Conny and Frank are harnessed,
And Archie drives the pair.

Away, away they scamper,
Across the breezy park;
And doggie runs beside them
With merry, happy bark.

For breath they pause a minute,
Then off they start again,
For they pretend they’re going
To meet papa’s down train.